FIKS Side Bands – gold


Stylish 14 Carat Gold Side Bands

This beautiful pair of FIKS side bands are made from 14 carat gold and features a simple, elegant design.

Side bands are often worn with another ring to enhance the main ring’s design and accentuate its beauty. For this particular purpose, the FIKS side bands truly show their amazing potential.

Simple, yet Very Versatile

The minimalist design is perfect on its own but the rings’ potential is unfolded when used with other rings – this is clearly seen with the beautiful KANT rings or perhaps with one of your one rings, which you think could use a stylish upgrade.

The gold side bands are perfect for everyday use to create a more elegant look. At the same time, the side bands are also an amazing addition to give the evening wear the finishing touch.

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FIKS side bands in 14 carat gold

With the FIKS side bands in 14 carat gold you will be wearing rings with an incredibly beautiful minimalist design. The side bands’ square profile creates an expression that reflects strength, but also a certain lightness.

Aesthetic Addition to Your Rings

Stylish side bands with a simple, elegant design are beautiful on their own. But the two FIKS side bands really show their design’s potential when they are worn with a center ring. The FIKS side rings are perfect as side bands to the KANT rings. Or with one of your own ring’s, which you feel could use a stylish upgrade.

The FIKS rings are also very versatile and do not necessarily have to be worn on your finger – try using them with a pretty scarf in which the ends go through the rings and are tied in a knot; it will create a very charming look.

FIKS side bands is available in oxidised silver and sterling silver.

Guld variant

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