FRODIG Brooch – silver and 24 ct gold


Silver Brooch with Elegance

The FRODIG brooch in silver radiates lightness and charm. The finishing touch to this amazing piece of jewellery is the 24 carat gold nugget set at the edge of the raw surface, which accentuates the outstanding design.


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FRODIG brooch in silver

The amazing design comes from a special production process. A process which provides the brooch with a unique shape and includes the setting of a 24 carat gold nugget at the edge of the brooch’s raw surface. The combination of gold and silver creates an impressive harmony.

The FRODIG brooch is made from solid silver, which adds strength and durability to the design.  Add some elegance to your everyday outfit or complete your evening wear with a sophisticated touch.

Jewellery from One, Big Family

The beautiful silver brooch belongs to the FRODIG family. The FRODIG family also consists of rings, earringspendants for necklaces and sleeve brooches.

On their own, each piece of jewellery is very elegant, but together they have an impressive impact.

The Opportunities are Endless

With the FRODIG silver brooch, you are able to challenge the norms by using it in many creative ways to accentuate your outfit and your look.

Use the silver brooch at your waist on the back of a blouse or shirt or place it on the side to accentuate your waist. If you are looking for a different expression, the brooch will also work wonders on your shoulder or in your hair.

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