FRODIG Ring – silver and 24 ct gold


A voluminous beauty

FRODIG is Danish for ‘buxom’ and ‘lush’  – used flattering about a woman with curves.

This FRODIG ring is made from solid silver. As a part of creating the ring, it has been hammered into shape. This special process has created a unique ring with a very raw, distinctive design.

Set in the ring’s rustic surface is a 24 carat gold nugget, which has acquired a unique shape from the crucible. The gold nugget fits incredibly well with the look of the hammered silver.

The top of the ring is supported by two oval-shaped circles in 14 carat gold, which add lightness to the ring’s voluminous profile and complete the spectacular look.

Two Sizes – the Same Beauty

The FRODIG ring comes in two sizes:

One with a ring ‘bowl’ in 1.18 inches diameter – FRODIG ring in oxidised silver.

One slightly bigger ring ‘bowl’ in 1.3 inches diameter – which is the size on the FRODIG ring in silver you have on this page.

The price is the same for both sizes.

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FRODIG ring in silver

FRODIG ring in silver – if you are into voluminous jewellery with clean lines, sophisticated form the occasional touch of whimsy in 24 ct gold. 

Two sizes

The FRODIG ring is avalible in two different sizes of the ring ‘bowl’; a large one of 1.18 inches in diameter and a larger version of 1.3 inches in diameter.

The large ring ‘bowl’ size in 1.18 inches you will find by clicking here FRODIG ring with oxidized silver.

The even larger ring ‘bowl’ size in 1.3 inches you can see on the pictures in this page FRODIG ring in silver.

the FRODIG familie

The ring is a part of the jewellery range FRODIG, which also contains earrings, pendants, brooches and sleeve brooches.