STRÅLE Brooch – silver


The Brooch that will Make You Shine

With the STRÅLE brooch you are guaranteed to have a unique piece of jewellery that will make you shine.

The brooch is approx. 7 cm wide


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The STRÅLE brooch in silver

The STRÅLE brooch in sterling silver is one of the kind of jewelry that puts a unique touch on your wardrobe.

Use the brooch creatively

Use the STRÅLE brochen creatively – put the brooch in the updo hair, use it like a belt buckle. If you have short hair or updo hair, let the ends of the scarf fall down the back and let the brooch collect it at the top of the neck – it’s super elegant. Follow us on instagram and get more inspiration.

Good company for the STRÅLE brooch

Should the STRÅLE brooch have a beautiful company, the elegant SNILD earrings or KULØR earrings and KULØR long earring are a really elegant choice. To complete this look, the signature ring KULØR will allow you to add color with its beautiful interchangeble gemstones. If you want attitude, the ring KANT is the perfect choice – you can add even more attitude and volume to the KANT ring by giving it company of the FIKS side bands.

Variants of the STRÅLE brooch

With the STRÅLE brooch you get the opportunity to have a personalized jewelery. Perhaps you want a beautiful, simple piece of jewelry without too much detail. Or maybe you want a piece of jewelry with a little more detail – it’s up to you.

STRÅLE brochen is available in three beautiful designs:

  • A clean design without decoration
  • Added 3 gold rays in 14 carat gold
  • Added a beautiful gemstone of your choice

In its pure form the brooch is a beautiful and eye-catching design that you will love. But maybe you still think the sun should shine a little extra and wish to add three sun rays of 14 karat gold. Or maybe the brooch will be decorated with a gemstone in your favorite color. All 3 designs are available in sterling silver or oxidised sterling silver.

Whatever composition you choose, you will get a beautiful brooch that carries your personal touch.

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