YPPIG Ring – silver


Beautiful Ring in Hammered Silver

The ring is made of sterling silver and features a double ring band, which gives the ring a unique and eye-catching design.

The raw, natural expression is further enhanced by the distinctive, hammered silver surface. Even so, the balance between raw and natural is perfectly maintained.


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YPPIG ring in silver

This YPPIG ring in silver is a part of the YPPIG range. The ring has a beautiful and durable design, which makes you able to wear the ring anytime you feel like it.

A Range of Charming Rings

Rings are not only meant to be worn on fingers. They are versatile and only limited by your imagination.

Besides wearing the YPPIG ring on your finger, you can use the ring to join the ends of a scarf and create an entirely different result.

The possibilities are many but YPPIG certainly makes you able to create your own, stylish look.

This ring is also available in hammered gold and oxidised silver, in which the bright gold and dark silver creates an incredible balance. The YPPIG ring is also perfect with other pieces of raw and sophisticated jewellery, such as sleeve brooches or earrings.

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