Ring Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

Order a free ring sizer

  1. Go to the web shop and order the ring you like.
  2. Then add a ring sizer to your order and complete the order.
  3. We will send you a free ring sizer.

When you receive the ring sizer, follow the short guide and e-mail your ring size to kontakt@pernillemueller.com.

then we will immediately start completing your ring.

Alternative, but more inaccurate, measurement methods

1. Measure the inner circumference

Use a tape measure to measure the inner circumference of your ring. If the circumference is 56 mm, this corresponds to a size 56.

2. Measure the inner diameter

Choose a ring already owned by you, which fits the right finger. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and find your ring size in the chart below. If the ring is between two sizes, I advise you to order the largest of the two sizes – take a look at the section “Nice to know about measuring” below.

use both methods – it is better to check one time too many

Chart – Ring Sizes

Nice to know about measuring


When measuring your fingers, it is important that your fingers have a normal size. If they are warm they might be swollen compared to normally, and if your fingers are cold they will be smaller than usual. Both cases mean that you cannot measure your ring size accurately, so it is important that your fingers have a normal temperature.


When buying a new ring, you need to consider which finger to put the ring on. Your fingers’ size and circumference on the left hand is different from the right hand. It is rare that all fingers are of equal size.

– and thickness

If you are measuring the size for a wide ring (4+ mm) then choose a size a bit larger. Very wide rings have to be a bit larger to avoid them being too tight and uncomfortable to wear. On the contrary, very narrow rings often have to be a bit smaller to prevent them from falling off.